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Hai Assalamualaikum, been so long doesnt post story, im kind of busy with my college, assignments and all sort of things. stress enough doh and one more things, i dont have neither laptop nor computer so ya kinda hard to post entry, even a single story. Alhamdulillah, sekarang dah ada laptop lah baru beli. bau kedai. kahkah. k. Harap rajin lah nak update blog lepasni. 

Today entry is all about "punctuality". just short and compact entry. just straight to the point, Im not that kind of person yang punctual sangat la tapi aku tak kejam sangat buat orang tertungu-tunggu. 5 minutes to 10 minutes still boleh consider lagi but once you late almost 15 to 20minutes, damn, just please say sorry lah. If the one yang wait you tu memang penyabar, penyabar gila, then yes you can buat dia tertungu-tunggu sampai berjam pun its still okay. But for me, please lah. you will know how i feel when you have to wait the person almost 30 minutes padahal you had said to them "pukul ni dah kena ada kat bawah tau"  but still. i do know girls always late. wanna wear makeup la apa la, but the problem is they dont wear makeup doh. i was like "what the hell she's doing". Just please change ur habit. im done with you.

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